Black Rose Gumpaste

Black.....gorgeous BLACK roses! They make a bold statement and we don't see them utilized that often. Under used and underestimated. So I was thrilled when I had a lovely bride contact me wanting a Victorian Gothic wedding cake for Halloween. I was excited to bring this cake to life and knew right away I was going to make black roses. Making sugar roses is something I really enjoy. But I had never made black roses before. A little bit of searching online left me empty handed and dashed hopes for making that perfect black gumpaste. My friend and colleague, Nicholas Lodge, came to the rescue with brilliant solutions. He has also graciously allowed me to share his wonderful tips and recipe for

Watercolor Pineapple

Watercolor is a beautiful medium to work with. I chose an edible watercolor for this pineapple themed birthday cake. But before I could paint it I knew I wanted a more realistic look and feel for the texture. Pineapples are prickly and have beautiful shapes that I really wanted to capture and have that organic feel on my cake. I used some silicone molds to make impressions in my fondant. They turned out beautifully capturing every feature of each leaf I chose as well as the outer body of the pineapple. These molds are available for sale here! First test impression was exactly what I was hoping for. Cut out the shape of the pineapple that I wanted and gave it time to dry before painting with

Sugar Geek Show! Acrylics - Part 2

Ever wonder how to get those super smooth and sharp edges on your cake? There are several methods out there but this is my favorite....Acrylics! Join me on the Sugar Geek Show for Part 2 of our Buttercream Flowers and learn how to use acrylics to make your cake look clean and elegant in no time at all. Be sure to have your cakes chilled and ready to go along with your buttercream (Swiss Meringue is my favorite)! Here is a link to my favorite vanilla cake recipe! There are several places to get acrylics these days. I purchased mine from Barb Fischer: They all pretty much work the same....beautiful guidelines for a perfect cake finish. In the end it really does not mat