Coffee Ice Cream Cake

It is my husband, Nathan's, birthday! While my husband loves pretty much everything I make there is one thing that holds his heart above all other cream! I like ice cream...but I only like ice cream. He gravitates toward it like he can't get enough of it. This cake recipe is one that was passed on in our family that I have to admit is pretty awesome. If ever there was an ice cream (cake) that I would eat it would always be this one. I try to make this at least once a year for him: Fourth of July (his favorite holiday), Father's Day, or his birthday. Always a fantastic treat to celebrate the guy in my life who holds my heart and that of our family. Click here to jump to the vid

Featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine

I am VERY EXCITED to share with you all my first published work! American Cake Decorating Magazine has featured my very spring-like buttercream wreath cake in their March/April 2017 issue. If you have not already subscribed to this magazine then allow me to share with you some of the wonderful things you are missing. Fabulous cakes with incredible in-depth tutorials on some of the most intricate designs. And that is not all! Delicious recipes that have been tested by the best in the industry. To subscribe and have the latest trends delivered right to your door and inbox click here. My cake was featured in the "Last Bite" segment of the magazine. While there is not a tutorial on how to make m