DIY Video and Photography Backdrops: Filming in Small Spaces

I am always looking to up my photography game. When I began (err....stumbled) into cake decorating years ago I had no idea all the areas that it would lead me to outside of caking. Being an entrepreneur and running your own business takes a lot of work. Learning to be your own accountant, a photographer, a videographer ( gentle, I am just starting), advertising, social media.......phew! It is a lot! So any little hacks and tricks that come along I really appreciate. Especially when they fit a criteria of saving me space and are budget friendly. We are a rather large family with seven of us in a pretty tight space. I get the comments all the time in our online Facebook groups. "Oh,

Vanilla Cake

The Vanilla Cake of all vanilla cakes..... Yes, I am going there guys! That is how strongly I feel about this is so good! Melt in your mouth deliciousness! The perfect texture and crumb, it is fluffy and delicate but still stands up wonderfully for fondant covering and carving cakes into all sorts of shapes. Warm, buttery, vanilla....all the feel-good things you want in a cake. Super soft and luxurious....I mean look at my little guy enjoying this delightful piece of cake. It does not even need the frosting....and you know how kids feel about frosting! It's a food group, right? I have raved about this vanilla cake for a long time. A good foundational vanilla cake is a must have