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DKF - Danette's Kosher Marshmallow Creme Fondant

Three tiered cake covered in DKF.

This kicks off my first ever blog post! Yay…thanks for joining me! I have been putting this off for so long and happy to finally be getting around to it. I try to eat kosher (biblically clean) and found in the baking world that I ran into some snags with that. People have different reasons for wanting to eat kosher and over this past year I have had more and more people ask me about fondant and how to make it kosher. So I decided this would be my first topic to cover. Everyone knows about Liz Marek’s Marshmallow Fondant (LMF)…right? If not, you can check it out here: fondant recipe. Wonderful stuff….I loved it! Amazing for covering cakes. So I have to give her a bit of credit here because I tweaked her methods a bit in order to make mine kosher. Thank you, LIZ!

If you get concerned about measurements being exact please don’t stress. A lot of this will depend on the area you live in. Relax…take a deep breath…and ease into this process with confidence. Yes, it is a bit of a process to make this fondant. It is not my favorite thing in the world to do. I have found that I don’t much care for making it in the Kitchen Aid mixer because it doesn’t incorporate the way I would like it to. So I have a step by step here to show you the way I do it. Please feel free to try your own methods.

There are three main ingredients that you will need: Jet-Puff Marshmallow Creme 13 oz (I have not tried this with other brands), the new Wilton Preferred white fondant (yes, it’s kosher certified), Powdered Sugar..(10X confectioners), and shortening for your spoon and hands.

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Get a large bowl…and place some of your 2 lb bag powdered sugar in it (about 2 cups). Take a large spoon and lather that thing up with shortening. It will make your life a whole lot easier getting all the fluff out of the jar. Place all the fluff on top of the powdered sugar in the bowl.

Add some more sugar on top of the fluff. There are roughly about 8 cups of sugar in a 2 lb bag. I never use all the sugar. There is usually a cup and a half or sometimes two cups left over by the time I finish. So for now leave at least that much and use your best judgment in the end for how much more you feel you need to add.

This is the point where you need to lather your hands up well in shortening. The best and most effective way I have found is to fold the sugar into the fluff. Over and over again until your ball starts to form. Work as much of the sugar into the fluff as you can. Once you get close you may want to turn your fondant out onto the table for and easier work surface.

Now your fondant should be kneaded into a fairly smooth ball.

Take your Wilton white fondant and you will knead them both together.

Optional step here, but highly recommended, once your fondant is completely kneaded together get your white food coloring and add a few drops. Knead until your fondant is white…add more drops as necessary.

If at this point your fondant feels sticky or too soft add some remaining powdered sugar until you reach the consistency you desire. If the fondant is too soft for your liking then add one teaspoon of tylose. More than this is not so great for cake coverage. This can be used to cover cakes immediately. If you are going to use this for modeling then you can add up to two teaspoons. For modeling please let it set overnight and allow the tylose to mature.

I love the elasticity and ease of using this fondant. I never have elephant skin and I can just pick this put with my hands and place over my cakes. If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to help. Enjoy!

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