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DKF Red/Black Fondant (Danette's Kosher Fondant)

This will be a follow up for all my kosher peeps who are interested in an alternative fondant. A beautiful, pliable, and forgivable fondant that is stunning on cakes. Elephant skin is a thing of the past! But red and black fondant, or other really dark colors, are usually ones that we have a harder time achieving and most will just prefer to buy it already pre-made. That is not a bad thing necessarily but if you are like me and like to save your money a bit to increase your profits then knowing how to make it yourself is a definite plus. I have included a picture of one of my recent cakes that required a deep red fondant. And not just a simple cover on a cake, but all those gorgeous ruffles! Being that I make my fondant with marshmallow creme instead of actual marshmallows with gelatin my fondant can be a tad on the soft side. Depending on what I am going to be doing with my finished fondant I will either add more powdered sugar during the mixing process to firm it up more or a bit of tylose (usually the tylose only with modeled figures). Allowing the fondant to mature for a day is helpful too....but who has time for that? I usually just go for it after my fondant is made and I have learned how to handle it. That brings me to my biggest tip that I always stress....get to know YOUR mediums, whatever it is that you choose to use. I was super excited to do all these gold trimmed lovelies and see my fondant in action. If you can't tell already by the picture they held up very well and dried very firm!

(*Note: During the drying process let toothpicks be your friends and hold the ruffles up in certain places to your liking.....remove the next day. I also boxed this cake and placed it in the refrigerator and had no problems at all with weeping fondant once it came to temp. Everything stayed put!)

To make red/black fondant you will need (Amazon Affiliate Links provided):

- Kitchen Aid Mixer (optional but highly recommended)

- My all time FAVORITE magnetic measuring spoons

- Wilton White fondant (1 1/2 lbs)

- Wilton Black fondant (1 1/2 lbs - optional)

- Wilton Red fondant (1 /12 lbs - optional)

- 2 lb bag of powered sugar 10x

- Vegetable shortening

- Jet-Puff Marshmallow Creme

- Americolor Bright White Food Gel

- Americolor Super Red Food Gel

- Americolor Super Black Food Gel

There are two ways to make this fondant....the first way is very similar to Liz Marek's can find her recipe and method here. For this method I definitely recommend using the Kitchen Aid mixer. I don't use it to make my regular fondant without the food coloring, but this method is super sticky and messy. Place a couple tablespoons of shortening in your mixing bowl and a cup or more of your powdered sugar. Scrape all of your 13 0z. marshmallow creme on top of your powdered sugar.

Next....use your dough hook and turn your mixer on low and start incorporating your ingredients. Slowly add a 1 - 1 1/2 tablespoons of your desired color. For mine I really wanted a deep red so I used a full tablespoon and a half plus a drop of super black food coloring to achieve the red I was going for.

Increase to a medium speed. This will need to mix for awhile but this is the consistency that you want to go for. Very sticky and very runny.

Lather up your firm spatula with shortening, or hands if you are into that, and scrape all that into a large separate bowl that has the rest of your powdered sugar. I have already kneaded my pre made white Wilton fondant and included that in with my red mixture. In folding motions mix everything together by hand.

It takes quite a bit of mixing but the end result is a smooth finish of perfect fondant!

Alternate method: You can achieve similar results by following my original DKF process here and instead of using white Wilton fondant use the red Wilton fondant and add a tablespoon of super red food coloring in the bowl as you knead by hand. Use gloves.

Super stretchy lovely kosher red fondant!

Store your finished fondant wrapped in plastic wrap and sealed in a ziplock bag on the shelf. Keeps foreva! Well.....a really long time....I always use mine within a month or so. Pop it in the microwave to soften a bit (if needed) and knead really well.

Enjoy your beautiful kosher fondant! ~ ox

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