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Sugar Geek Show! Acrylics - Part 2

Ever wonder how to get those super smooth and sharp edges on your cake? There are several methods out there but this is my favorite....Acrylics! Join me on the Sugar Geek Show for Part 2 of our Buttercream Flowers and learn how to use acrylics to make your cake look clean and elegant in no time at all.

Be sure to have your cakes chilled and ready to go along with your buttercream (Swiss Meringue is my favorite)!

Here is a link to my favorite vanilla cake recipe!

There are several places to get acrylics these days. I purchased mine from Barb Fischer:

They all pretty much work the same....beautiful guidelines for a perfect cake finish. In the end it really does not matter what method you used as long as you get there...that is what counts!

Enjoy! ~ xo

Photo credit: Elizabeth Marek of Artisan Cake Company & Sugar Geek Show


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