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Watercolor Pineapple

Watercolor Pineapple Tutorial

Watercolor is a beautiful medium to work with. I chose an edible watercolor for this pineapple themed birthday cake. But before I could paint it I knew I wanted a more realistic look and feel for the texture. Pineapples are prickly and have beautiful shapes that I really wanted to capture and have that organic feel on my cake. I used some silicone molds to make impressions in my fondant.

They turned out beautifully capturing every feature of each leaf I chose as well as the outer body of the pineapple. These molds are available for sale here!

Pineapple silicone mold

First test impression was exactly what I was hoping for. Cut out the shape of the pineapple that I wanted and gave it time to dry before painting with the edible watercolors.

I chose to do the pineapple in shades of pink, purple, and blue to match the color theme of the party. But there was still added texture that I felt was missing. I fixed this by using a calyx cutter and adding the pointy spike to each shape.

Edible watercolor paint, fondant, pineapple topper

Edible watercolor painting, fondant cake topper

After some drying time it was ready for paint. To make my edible paints I used Angela Nino's (The Painted Box) recipe made with Everlear and Americolor food gels. I purchased my awesome bottles on to hold all the beautiful colors I made. Opted for a green with a touch of yellow on the inside. The addition of the green leaves with a touch of gold on the edges really made it pop!

Edible painting on cake

Here is my daughter, Lourdes, helping to paint the cake that this topper will go on. She is incredibly artistic and jumps in from time to time to help me decorate. We always have a lot of laughs working together. I love working with her!

Edible watercolor pineapple cake

Finished result for my pineapple themed cake! To stay up to date with all of our latest caking adventures be sure to subscribe.

~ Enjoy! xo

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